Dangers of Social Networking For Your Business

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To view an interactive presentation on Social Media Threats, click on the image above.

Protecting You and Your Employees from the Dangers of Social Networking 

Consumer grade tools and services such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have entered the IT security landscape - bringing both functionality and dangers to your business.  These Internet applications, web services, and other consumer online products are quickly blurring the lines between corporate and personal usage while increasing malware outbreaks and data loss.

Utilizing Social Media services while maintaining enterprise security, has become an organizational requirement as IT departments must balance use with control. 

“Firms are using more consumer-style Web applications…, with 84% of firms increasing their use of Web applications” - Forrester2010

Prohibiting employees from accessing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is no longer realistic. Blocking and application control policies are becoming inefficient with dynamic user generated content and cross-site, drive-by attacks on good websites. Combined with access through multiple endpoints (mobile devices, PDAs, and tablets), old approaches are no longer effective.

With clear visibility of the application content and the ability to apply flexible policies over users, applications and protocols based on the real-time comprehension of the intent of these applications, Wedge Networks’ products enable organizations to take advantage of the benefits of Social Media while ensuring organizational policies and compliance mandates are met.

Losing Control? Go Beyond Blocking 

Traditional methods that rely on “allow or block” policies, are no longer effective as employees are now using Social Media for both work and non-work related activities. Instead, allowing clean content provides greater benefits to the organization by scanning and securing everything coming in and out of the network to protect against malware transmissions, data loss and blended threats. By deploying the WedgeOS™ into their networks, organizations can ensure real-time security enforcement when accessing dynamic web applications. Organizations no longer need to worry about what is being allowed when they know that malicious content is blocked and clean content is accessible.

Defeat Social Engineering Attacks 

Hackers are capitalizing on the popularity of Social Media by psychologically manipulating end-users into downloading malicious content or browsing malicious sites. Studies done by leading security vendor Kaspersky Labs, show that social networking sites are 10 times more effective at delivering malware than previous methods of email delivery. To protect an organization against these socially engineered attacks, inline real-time threat protection and malware analysis of all content, including hidden injected malware attacks and downloads, is necessary. The WedgeOS’™ high-performance architecture, combined with anti-malware analytical engines, efficiently analyzes web traffic for malicious attacks against all endpoints.  This provides organizations the comfort in knowing that they are protected, even if their employees have been tricked.

Don’t Let Social Media Cost Your Organization Money: Compliance 

Social media carries a wide array of legal risks, and requires the same compliance and regulations that govern e-mail and the static web. Whether a firm allows the use of social media or not, employees continue to usethese sites, leaving the company open to potential compliance violations.  Wedge Networks ensures that an organization’s internal policies and archiving systems extend to Web 2.0 and Social Media in order to maintain compliance.

Don’t Allow Social Media to Lose Sensitive Information: DLP

Organizations must continue to evaluate the implementation of policies that are designed to protect sensitive corporate information being accessed through consumer-style applications (fileshare, Dropbox, Gmail documents, etc.) or other Social Media sites. Wedge Networks’ data filtering and content scanning capabilities can accurately monitor and control sensitive data transmitted in web, email, and network applications, thus preventing costly information leaks being transmitted through traditional or consumer focused applications.